World Wide Brands and Salehoo

In this article, I'm going to make a comparison of Worldwide Brands and Salehoo – talking about the good and bad points of each before comparing them.  There are already a lot of separate reviews of each online, but not that many articles that directly compare the two.

Worldwide Brands is the oldest of the two supplier directories.  It's essentially a database of wholesalers and drop shippers that was founded by an eBay seller (Chris Malta) in 1999 and has been operating out of Florida ever since.  With about 8,000 certified suppliers and more than 16 million products, Worldwide Brands is the largest of the two in terms of products.

Salehoo is also a directory and has a similar number of suppliers – about 8,000 – but significantly fewer products at only 2.5 million.  It has a lower price point – membership is $67 per year compared to $249 for Worldwide Brands – but that's for annual membership whereas for Worldwide Brands you get lifetime access for one payment.

Both come with the same extras, like forum access and support, so the key differentiating factors are the cost of membership and number of wholesale products available.  In the long term, Worldwide Brands wins both of these, so if you have the money I'd recommend it – but both are good tools.

Worldwide Brands – Is It Still The Best Supplier Directory?

Worldwide Brands is a popular source of drop shippers and wholesalers and has been since it was founded in 1999, so the short answer is yes, it does still "work" (here's a Worldwide Brands discount link if you are interested in joining) in 2018.  But I want to talk in more detail about what Worldwide Brands offers that you won't find in other directories or marketplaces like Salehoo or Ali Express.

Worldwide Brands vs Salehoo, Ali Express, etc.

Salehoo is very similar to Worldwide Brands – but there are two main differences.  First of all, Salehoo lists only 1.6 million products, while Worldwide Brands lists over 16 million.  Secondly, Salehoo costs $67 a year, while Worldwide Brands is $299 for lifetime membership (no yearly fees).  It's cheaper if you use a discount link like the one above.

Ali Express is a bit different – it's a marketplace for Chinese wholesalers and drop-shippers, a lot like eBay, and there is no membership fee.  However, the suppliers are not checked in any way before being listed, so there are no guarantees of quality or reliability.  Delivery from China can take a long time too – so bear that in mind.

The WorldWide Brands Advantage

Worldwide Brands is still useful and relevant nearly 20 years after it was founded because their service is by far the best – not only offering only verified suppliers and guaranteed reliability but low prices and fast drop shipping from the USA too.