3 Reasons to Have UPS Back-up for Your Small Business

It's critical in today's business climate to ensure that everything runs smoothly with no interruptions or delays. 

But out of the blue, a major storm or sudden power surge can leave businesses devastated, losing valuable time in both sales and loss of data on the back-end. 

Purchase and installation of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system can prove invaluable to businesses. 

Here are 3 primary principles of why a small investment can save you money and your business's reputation in the long run. 

1. Uninterrupted service to your clients

Without clients, you have no business, and when there are projects or contract deadlines they must be fulfilled, having no power is not an option. Clients don't want excuses they want results. You risk losing the business, the client and possible future word-of-mouth referrals to something as simple as a prolonged power cut.  Protect yourself, and this will not happen. 

2. Australian History

There have been four examples in recent history in Australia in 2007, 10, 11 and 13 where major cities witnessed black-outs.  That's why most major hospitals have UPS backup system and generators working in tandem.  Business needs to deliver on promises and services. Building management can make budget cut-backs and often UPS is looked at as uneccesary, and that can be a costly mistake. 

3. Peace Of Mind

For a small business owner, you have enough on your plate to deal with, in trying to grow your business, projects to worry about, marketing, social media outreach and recruitment amongst others. Having a power back-up plan may not seem top of the list of priorities, but think of it as a one-off item on your to-do-list that once ticked off, you won't need to worry about it, it's there protecting your business should you ever need it.  

Make sure you spend a little time doing your research ask the professionals.  The best solution on the market right now is Eaton ups so inquire about that first as they are versatile to fit all SME's requirements.