Thai Drinks that you must try

Thai food is known for its authentic taste and unique flavor around the world. Thai drinks too however are no lightweight when it comes to demand across the globe. It's very common for someone to be drinking iced coco tea from a plastic bag in Thailand. Here we take a look at our favorite Thai drinks.

Courtesy-Food Gawker


It's basically iced black coffee. The difference from its western counterparts comes in terms of its preparation. The cocoa beans used are brewed and roasted in a different manner which gives this Thai drink its own unique twist.

Iced Milk Coco

This one is a favorite among the people in the land of the free. It used milk and condensed milk combined with iced coco to give it a similar taste to the one drunk so feverishly across the world. It's cold twist and the condensed milk are its selling points though.

Thai Tea

This is a favorite among the people and its origin can be traced back to the old times of the kings of Siam. The brew is basically Ceylon tea mixed with milk and condensed milk. Ceylon itself is a very expensive ingredient so substitutes are mainly used in its place by vendors but we recommend you hunt for the real thing.

Cha Yen

One of the best Thai drinks of all time. The orangish goodness amazes anyone with a single sip. Mixed with tea leaves and condensed milk it has a very sweet aroma and taste and you can ever order it online from app Thailand.

We say you give these drinks a whirl and have a blast.