Rare Fauna at Bedarra Island

Bedarra Island is an island made of granite. More than 8000 years ago, it was actually a part of the mainland. But after rise in sea levels, it got separated into an island. The granite hills are still visible but along the beaches, there’s lush greenery. The island’s forests have many unique fauna that is rare. From birds to insects, the island to home to many species that are protected. One can spot them on nature walk tours of the island. Ever since the island’s resort and hotels have turned eco-friendly, these animals, and insects have flourished.



The Ulysses butterfly can be easily spotted. Its vibrant blue colour looks attractive. The other butterfly found here is the Giant Birdwing butterfly.


Bedarra Island is a good place for spotting birds as well. The ones easily seen are Scrub Fowl, the Wompoo Fruit Dove. Scrub Fowls build large mounds all over the island.  


Echidna, also more popularly known as the Spiny Anteater, is actually a mammal that lays eggs. It is indigenous to Australia and New Guinea. Another mammal that lives here is the Fawn Footed Melomys, which is actually a marsupial rodent that eats fruits.

Marine Life

Sea Turtles and Dugongs can be easily spotted in the waters around the island, and the occasional White Humpback Whale.

You can get up close to all the wonderful fauna if you are staying at the East Bedarra Island Luxury Resort and take a nature walk from there.