How Stainless Steel Plate Plate Heat Exchange Combats Oil Combustion

An Insight into Usefulness of Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchange in Waste Oil Combustion

Stainless steel plate heat exchange offers several benefits over other options. In the following sections, we will look at how these prove to be useful in applications such as waste oil combustion.

Usefulness of Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchange in Waste Oil Combustion

stainless steel plate heat exchangeWaste oil combustion is a very efficient technique for powering space heaters, boilers and furnace. It is worth mentioning here that at the core of every waste oil combustion system there is a heat exchanger which is responsible for transferring energy out of the oil. 

The heat exchange has the most influence on performance as well as the safety of the unit and as such, it is one of the important elements that must be optimized to maintain higher performance levels. 

Let us now delve into details of benefits of stainless steel plate heat exchange.

Higher Efficiency

Since stainless steel is among most durable as well as toughest material available, it is in a better position to handle high temperatures. Moreover, it has better resistance to corrosion in comparison to other materials such as iron alloys, aluminum, and steel alloys.  In addition to it, stainless steel heat exchangers generally have more chromium (about 10.5 percent more) as compared to alloys which makes it more resistant to problems such as rusting and corrosion, the main problems that furnaces, heaters, and boilers face.

Better Thermal Conductivity

Stainless steel plate heat exchange means you can expect better thermal conductivity and as such, your unit will be able to perform better due to such improved thermal conductivity.

You may well say that aluminum has higher thermal conductivity in comparison to steel but here you will have to keep note of the fact that aluminum will warp as well as corrode over time. On the other hand, stainless steel will not lose its ability to conduct heat or lose its shape irrespective of how many years you use it for. The aspect of lower thermal conductivity is managed by manufacturers by making component walls thinner. This way heat exchange maximization becomes possible without having any effect on material's ability to withstand high pressures due to the fact that stainless steel has excellent tensile strength.


Reliability with respect to corrosion resistance as well as temperature tolerance is an important factor in waste oil combustion to ensure sulfur does not get mixed with water condensation. 

This is necessary to ensure optimal performance is achieved. Stainless steel excels over other materials in both these factors and proves to be the right material when temperature and corrosion resistance are important aspects to look into.

In addition to it, it is also a fact that stainless steel plate heat exchange device will never crack under pressure, which proves to be an important factor for longer life and performance of any system as well as for personal safety.

The Bottom Line

We will conclude here with a final note that stainless steel heat exchangers have many benefits over other types of heat exchangers, making them the most preferred choice when it comes to the selection of a heat exchanger.

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