Can Your New Home Have Mold In It Already?

Even if you're building a brand new home from new materials, you can still wind up with a mold infestation and not realize it until it's too late. There exists the possibility of mold being build into your house! Don't think it's true? We'll explain how this can and does happen to many new homeowners annually. 

It's not uncommon that contractors don't always assess the quality of a home's building materials before they're used. The best thing that you can do for the construction of your new home and to prevent mold from being built into it is to inspect the building materials yourself. If they are not up to quality, refuse to let your contractor use them. It's not easy preventing mold, but it's a lot easier than dealing with a mold issue in your home after the fact.

It's often the case that the materials that were bought were stored outside directly onto the ground. When it rains on those materials and the humidity is high, mold can start growing on them. This depends on how long they're left there, but if it's stored in poor conditions at one point, odds are high that they will be stored in poor conditions until someone buys them. 

To ensure that the quality of your materials is maintained, all of it should be covered in plastic sheeting while being stored on the job site to prevent rain from hitting them. The same is true for the home's structure itself. Until the walls and the roof of the house are built and can keep rain out, the construction should be covered every single day. 

You will also want to test the inside of the house for mold before it's even completed. Although some choose to only do mold testing after construction is complete, it's the contractor's job to make sure the house isn't compromised by anything and this includes mold growth. If mold is discovered immediately after the home has been built, the contractor can be sued for the repairs. You'll have to call in a professional to do the remediation, such as a contractor like Damage Control 911 that specializes in it. 

Most things that homes are made of today are things that mold likes to eat, such as drywall and plywood. Most homes have these materials in them, so you need to keep a constant check on what's being used to build your home, lest you end up with a home you can't even safely move into.